1Do you offer free estimates?
Yes, we are happy to offer free estimates and consultation regarding any of your tree care needs and concerns.
2Are you insured?
Yes, Timbers Tree Service is fully insured.
3How far will you travel?
We provide tree services in all of St. Clair County including Harsen's Island.
4How do you handle difficult tree removals?
We can handle all trimming and removals with the use of our experienced climber, 60' boom truck, 100' crane, and 65’ track lift which can fit through a 36” wide gate.
5Do you work year-round?
Yes, we do – including 24 hour emergency service. (Weather permitting)
6Do you sell firewood and woodchips?
Split firewood is $75 / facecord. Delivery is available for an additional charge.
Woodchips are $75 / 7-8 yard dump truck load delivered.